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5 Star Trailers

Market-Leading GPS Solutions for Trailer Management

Track Your Trailers in Real Time!

With a high quality GPS trailer tracker from 5 Star Tracking, you have the ability to quickly and easily monitor your trailer’s usage and location in any weather conditions.  Our battery powered gps trailer tracking system is quick and easy to install and are fully integrated with Google Maps. Tracking and protecting your trailer has never been easier!

  • View your trailer’s real time status from our easy to use software​ - iPhone and Android

  • Get live updates on your trailer's location
  • You're covered across North America on the latest 5G Cat M1 technology
  • Get instant movement alerts for unauthorized activity or suspicious use​
  • Options allow for mileage tracking, temperature tracking and more​

Whether you are a business owner, fleet manager or individual, you rely on your trailer for many reasons. More often than not, your trailer is being used to transport and store important and pricey equipment and materials.

Don’t let yourself get caught in the unfortunate event of a trailer theft that leaves you out thousands of dollars in lost assets and labor time.

The best way to combat trailer theft is to install a GPS trailer tracking device. Without a GPS tracking unit, recovering your lost or stolen trailer is difficult, and there is a good chance that you may never get it back.

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With a GPS trailer tracker from 5 Star Tracking, however, you can locate your trailer in real time anywhere around the world, bettering your chances of recovering your trailer. Depending on the tracker, the battery life can be as much as 5 years without replacement!

With our innovative trailer tracking and asset tracking software, you can quickly and easily review your trailer’s travel and usage history using the integrated Google maps application right from your smart phone or computer.

A GPS Trailer Tracking System can help you to improve trailer turn times, reduce any downtime and service more loads on a daily basis.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability

5 Star Tracking’s trailer trackers are trusted for use on fleets worldwide. Our trailer alarms provide complete visibility over trailers while they are on the road, and peace of mind that they are safe when left at job sites.

Our software allows you to have 24/7 access to you trailer and realtime GPS. So you know when the trailer is on the road, disconnected from the cabin, mileage, temperature and more!

With a trailer tracking system, you can have access to all the logistics you need regarding your trailer and its whereabouts around the clock, giving you peace of mind that you asset is protected.