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5 Star Fleets

Market-Leading GPS Solutions for Fleet Management

Our GPS fleet solutions enable fleet owners and managers to take control of their fleets - improving efficiency with real-time data to monitor driver behavior and vehicle diagnostics.

Improve Your Drivers

Keep Your Staff Accountable

Raise Productivity/Utilization Safety

Optimize Your Fleet to its Intended Use

Authorized Usage

Monitor Your Vehicle

Fuel Savings

Engine Diagnostics

Accident Reconstruction

Vehicle Maintenance

Enhance Your Business

Better Customer Service

Route Optimization

Business Intelligence/Metrics


Take Control of Your Fleet

Remote Fleet Management

Driver Schedule Management

Real-time Data for Actionable Results

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Utilities, Cable & Telecom

  • Optimize deployment of equipment and staff
  • Reduce response times and meet efficiency targets
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Fleet Finance & Management

  • Optimize vehicle use, routes, and fuel consumption
  • Proactively schedule service and repairs
  • Manage driver performance and safety


  • Total accountability and transparency for constituents
  • More efficient use of staff and in-house resources

Forestry, Mining, Oil & Gas

  • Stay connected to equipment and staff
  • Remotely manage safety concerns at hazardous and off-road project sites

Vocational & Service Fleets

  • Accept and schedule appointments in real-time
  • Assign appropriate staff, assets, and vehicles to all jobs

Trucking & Transportation

  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Manage driver performance and safety
  • Enhance communication with customers